SUPERNOVA is the full-length album from EPICENTRE, the brainchild of Hull dance music producer MATT BARKER, and is the most ambitous project there has ever been.

It represents 6 years of material, finally locked down in the studio over 18 months, and is crammed with exclusive collaborations. These include local producer PHIL URRY, Canadian DJ JOEL NORTH, Taipei artist VIBA , guitarist DANNY MALONE of Leeds band Defender, and more SEISMIC WAVES material recorded with DJ ALI RUMBA. There are also a series of very special guest vocalists,including urban artist MC RICKO, MARTIN FINNIGAN of acclaimed Manchester group The Rainband, US singer STEPHANIE KAY, JULIE E. GORDON of The Happy Mondays and legendary Bizarre Inc diva ANGIE BROWN. ANJI BEE and RYAN LUM of Californian Pop Group LOVESPIRALS complete the line up, making SUPERNOVA a feast of both UK-grown and international talent.

Be the change you want to see.

AFTERSHOCKS is a comprehensive collection of remixed Epicentre tracks from several producers, including rare remixes from the Epicentre archive and brand new interpretations for 2015.

As well as Epicentre delivering brand new alternative mixes, other producers featuring on this collection include the likes of:


It is part of 20/20 - the celebration of 20 years of Epicentre material, which also sees the release of several other projects.

Aftershocks was released on Wednesday 21st October and is now available from all of the usual online stores as well as through the EPICENTRE MUSIC STORE.

STARGAZER is the third studio album by Epicentre and is now available at all online stores. The album includes additional production by Phil Urry and Ali Rumba, as well as guest vocals from acclaimed signer Chris Scott. The package includes 12 original tracks and continues the projects lined up to mark '20/20' - celebrating 20 years of Epicentre productions and mixes.