The Power of 4

Made some real progress on one of the tracks for the album this week. Like a lot of the tunes on here it has a bit of a history with me and it's good to see it finally transferring from my mind into the sequencer. I'm trying to get the balance right between dub tracks and vocals. This specific one has vocals in it, but I might release a dub version in some format as the track would probably work well like that too. I layered in a completely new riff the other day and it's made the track so much better. Vocals tonight, tra la laaaa.

The Power of 4 then. The magic number. Aside from my own stuff, I'm working with three different producers on various tracks too. The first Phil Urry collaboration is nearly complete. It's an old skool remizzle from the early 90s and I'm really happy with the sound it's got. It literally just needs a few effects layering over the top. As I put it to Phil, at one point it needs a tonal slide effect similar to a boulder falling down onto Wyle E Coyote, as he holds out a cocktail umbrella. You get the idea! Phil and I are gonna work on an album track next, with a similar vibe. This'll work really well, as I want it to complement some of the heavier tracks on the album.

The latest Seismic Waves tune is now completed. 'Shishen' is dominated by a pounding bassline, which works really well on the track. For me and Al, is burnt into our ears as it used to play constantly when you opened up the project file until you switched the channel off. Worth it though :-)

I'm gonna tease you with the final producer, as it's all early doors yet and hush hush. That said, we're working working on a Deep Dish sounding bootleg of a classic riff from a bluesey rock track never used any where else to my knowledge, along with another track which potentially could be absolutely massive. Exciting times :-)

If all this isn't enough, I'm in the concept stages of development for the Epicentre album cover with Shabobchik designer and DJ Steve 'Disco' Newsome. I have a clear idea for this, based on a classic Golden Age album cover from the 1970s. Disco's is like the Ralph McQuarrie to my George Lucas. He's helping give me vision to my sounds.

So there you go. Promising times. Hopefully going to post some music from this lot in some form or another very soon. Keep checking the website and be the first to know :-)

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