Rebuilding the Dream Machine

Not logged onto here for a week or so, as I've been busy polishing off that remix. Both the producer and I are at the mastering stage of finishing things off now. It's been interesting submitting drafts, then waiting for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the final track.

I've also had to overcome some serious hardware issues due to a corrupt registry. Despite several attempts to fix, I had to reboot my lappy back to the factory settings. Luckily I back everythin up these days, so not lost any data. The time lost has been a pain, but could've been worse.

On the album front, I've lined up a couple more collabs which hopefully I can crack on with in the next month.

I've got quite a few tracks sorted out now, and it's gonna be mad unleashing so much new material at once. The patience will be worth it :-)

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