A shift in genres for this week's show. Downtempo and organic music to suit the mood this weekend.

Yotto feat. Sansa - Silhouette (Original Mix) 
Anden - Fargo (DJ Version) 
Nils Hoffmann - Tiderays (Extended Mix) 
Yotto - Lone Machine (Original Mix) 
Thomas Newman - Ghosts (Aaron Static & Fort Road Remix) 
Ben Bohmer & Malou & Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Extended Vision) 
Tinlicker & Panama - Fade Into Black (Extended Club Mix) (Original Mix) 
Nils Hoffmann & Niklas Paschburg - A Radiant Sign (Original Mix) 
Ranj Kaler - Metropolis (Original Mix) 
Nils Hoffmann feat. Tender - Let Me Go (Extended Mix) 
Yotto - Sunburn (Original Mix) 
James Shinra - Hold On (Extended Mix) 
About River - Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch)     
Yotto - Night Walk (Original Mix)

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